Born and raised on the streets of Queens NYC and Los Angeles, Rap artist/ lyricist Kool Sphere releases his latest single ‘Stay True’ exclusively through his bandcamp page

“Stay True” is an expression of his authenticity and an example of how you don’t have to sell out to make a radio hit, always staying true to his Hip Hop roots with pure enthesis on strong lyrical content and melodic chorus appeal to global audiences.

Kool Sphere’s musical path would excel in college, creating the rap group “Verbal Threat” alongside M.C. Reppond. Their first single ‘Reality Check’ produced by DJ Premier, brought underground recognition that translated to YouTube stardom after surpassing 3 million views.

You can hear Kool Spheres Influences from legendary Hip Hop artists such as GANGSTARR, DJ PREMIER, PETE ROCK, NAS, AZ, KOOL G RAP, BIG L, LL COOL J, DR. DRE, MOBB DEEP

 “Stay True” produced by longtime collaborator, Weirdo is a masterpiece painted by legendary lyricist AZ, dropping perfection with the rhymes, while Kool Sphere brings the mastery of his bars and flows beside the smooth melodic voice of vocalist, Meshun Fuller on the hook.

You Can Download “Stay True” From All Main Digital Stores and His Bandcamp Page from the link Below.