YouTube Promotion for Artists (PPC)

Every month, more than 1 billion unique visitors visits YouTube.. How many of them are watching your videos? We have prepared a number of options for you to boost your YouTube presence. See all the packages and info below.


Small YouTube Campaign
  • Expected number of views – 1000
  • Traffic to your landing page – 50
  • Estimated number of impressions – 8000
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Big YouTube Campaign
  • Expected number of views – 3200
  • Traffic to your landing page – 165
  • Estimated number of impressions – 30,000
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Massive YouTube Campaign

  • Expected number of views – 5500
  • Traffic to your landing page – 275
  • Estimated number of impressions – 50,000
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Why is YouTube Promotion for Artists so important ?

Promotion on YouTube is a great way for bands and artist to reach their target audience and get rapid exposure. Of course, because of the sheer volume of new videos being uploaded every day, being found is not easy. This is where we can help. Our YouTube marketing services can help you get the exposure you need, we use both paid promotion and organic optimisation to help you get the exposure you need.

What will I get ?

Increased views on your YT videos can give your music great exposure, we can also direct traffic from your videos to a page of your choice, it could be an iTunes or Soundcloud page with your album download etc.

How does it work?
YouTube is the 2nd largest search engines with over a billion unique visits every month, we understand YouTube algorithm and can optimise your videos to attract the maximum number of organic views, in addition to that we use Google’s paid advertising platform (pay per view promotion) to target the best audience and connect them with your video.

What is included? 

Our YouTube Marketing services for musicians include:
YouTube Channel setup & optimisation.
YouTube Video optimisation & promotion.
YouTube AdWords – pay per view promotion.