Already big in the Toronto (Canada) rap scene, Frakshinz has already made considerable noise with bangers like ‘Flemo to Parma’ followed by a joint called ‘Soundbwoy Killing’. Most recently he dropped a sweet EP called Game Time to his latest EP ‘Game Time’ to add to the back catalogue, so I think it’s fair to say, Frakshinz is no slouch when it comes to putting work getting product out to his ever-growing number of fans.

The song itself is unique and can be described as melodic Drill. The beat itself is wickedly moody and slightly dark, it supposed to be.

A nicely mixed song with those trademark top-heavy 808 drum hits that punch through the ‘Whomp-Whomp” sub bass, rattling your ribcage even at low volumes. Over the drums and the bass tracks, you can hear these lovely Spanish guitar and trumpet samples that sound like something out of an old-school Western with two enemies standing ready to duel to the last man.

Lyrically, the verses are tight, not overly pushed, more laid back and the vocal diction in every word is crystal clear.

He describes his own sound as “versatile & diversified with hard hitting bars interspersed with mellow melodies, when necessary,”. His philosophy when making music is that it should “Motivate, uplift and inspire others to elevate & get money while staying true to themselves.”

Artist: Frakshinz

Track Name – “Collect Calls”

Release Date – Feb 3rd 2023

Instagram: @FrakshinzSoundCloud:

FrakshinzYouTube: Frakshinz