BOSTON – Rising hip hop artist Musa Keita is firm in his beliefs and displays his grit and determination in every song.

Describing himself as a “Honduran jailbird from the most dangerously legendary side of Boston (and) believed to be the next Jesus Christ, Keita’s debut single “ACC” (Armed Career Criminal) is packed with East Coast swagger and hard knocks from the hood.

Born and raised in Beantown, Keita is known as Hayzus by his homies in the hood. Growing up poor and turning to hustle in the streets to make money, Keita knew he wanted to break the cycle and become financially successful.

“I’m the underdog that’s coming up,” he said. “I’ve always had to work hard and prove myself. They don’t believe in me, but I am made tough. I don’t compete with anyone.”

Listening to “ACC,” there is no competition. Keita is in a league of his own. Keita is a versatile rapper specializing in drill, utilizing his solid vocal tone to convey his lyrical rhymes. “‘ACC” has a flowy melodic vibe, and it is all authentic,” he said.

With intense wordplay, Keita does not worry about being too clever when laying down his raps. He is a rising star in the industry for being a fiercely independent artist who used his contemporary vocal tone and explicit lyrics to grab listeners and never let go. “ACC” is a fast-paced lyrical hit representing who and what Keita is.

“ACC” has a pop melody at its foundation. It is one of the best rap singles in the industry, proving that Keita is not a one-hit-wonder. With smooth grooves and classic hip hop elements such as punchy hooks, the Boston native is pure electric.

Keeping “ACC” fresh, Keita does not repeat lyrics but maintains the smooth flow as he raps about being a career criminal. “I wasn’t feeling the best for authority when I did ‘ACC,’” he said.

Making his feelings known about authority, Keita conveys a robust platform for why authority is overstepping in his life and the lives of others. Instead of preaching, Keita fuses witty wordplay with a vibe that bangs on your soul to make a memorable track. Listening to “ACC” is not for the faint of heart. But if you are seeking truth in hip hop, you have found it in “ACC.”

From Honduran descent, Keita said, “There’s a lot of similarities of my life to Jesus Christ. I’ve been through Hell and back. They tried to kill me, but I just got to make music.”

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