Chapter 17:Why are music bloggers important?

Music bloggers have become a vital source of PR for artists all over the world and now act as a pivotal piece in the cogs of making an artist prolific; some score as highly as professional journalists and command wider audiences and followings. In recent years, blogs have started to become primary ports of call next to outlets like television and magazines; they are no longer on the second rung of the ladder when it comes to PR.

As an outlet, blogs are completely uncensored and are completely organic to what the blogger wants to put out on into the public domain; they are an opportunity for music lovers out there who are not formally trained in writing, but still have a way with words, to put pen to paper and express what they feel in regards to the music that they are listening to.

Many journalists have developed a snobbish attitude towards bloggers, especially those who have managed to work their way through the ranks without any formal training. Many view them as not credible because they are not all formally educated as journalists and believe that the type of reporting that bloggers do, citizen journalism, is a new cult that could kill the requirement for a traditional journalist. In essence, anybody can create a blog in 10 minutes and call themselves a blogger.

However, it is important to note that you don’t have to go to university for 3 years in order to evoke emotion with words; some people have the natural ability to write and possess a natural talent. The beauty with bloggers is, whilst established outlets may now have the capability to generate revenue in the form of advertisement, the original reason that they decide to blog in the first place was because of the desire to do so; a good writer will write for enjoyment, even if they aren’t being paid.

Music bloggers use their blogs as a way of expressing their enjoyment for certain niches, as well as voice their opinion as a critic when they don’t quite find something up to par. Blogging is uncensored and it’s real with no hidden motives, which allows bloggers to build up a certain amount of trust with their subscribers as they know their blogs are genuine.

With no requirements to stick to gruelling word counts, or editorial restrictions placed on writers by editors, music bloggers can often write pieces and features that push boundaries, provoke a reaction and engage readers on a higher level. Having nobody to answer to means that bloggers can afford to be a little more daring with their copy – they don’t have to worry about being summoned into the office first thing on Monday morning for going a little too close to the bone.

Readers of blogs tend to like the honesty that bloggers convey and they enjoy notion that the person behind the words is just the same as them; they don’t tend to throw industry jargon around just to make an article sound faux professional – they are more relatable than that which in turn generates a level of trust between writer and reader. Once trust is built, the reader will buy into what the writer says even more.

Music bloggers also have the ability to do something that large scale publications don’t: publish instantly. This is one of the most powerful tools that a blogger has, as it allows them to stay one step ahead of the professionals.

If an artist drops an album, it is likely that a blogger will be able to get a review out there before a journalist has even submitted their first draft for review. They can also share songs instantly to their readers, meaning that if they like a track that you send them, potentially, it could reach their following in a matter of minutes.

The rise in popularity of the humble blogger bring the rise of search engine rankings, too, with many blogs now consistently coming top of the page when people type in certain search phrases. By working with blogs who have a prominent presence on Google, you too are making yourself part of that presence.

Most bloggers tend to be one man bands, so build up good relationships and network with them; blogging alone can become lonely, so make friends and work on a mutually beneficial relationship.