Who on the Urban Dubz like is partial to a bit a of Melodic Techno? I see a few cheeky hands raised in the corner over there 😉 (One of those hands would definitely be mine). All the way from Germany (or Deutschland or Allemagne), we have Multi-Instrumentalist Daniel Daraban, who’s droppin’ this sweet little number through the Dark & White Rabbits label.

No vocal on this one, just a straight no nonsense vibe of electronic frequencies locked tightly in a cosmic web of frequencies and rhythms. Personally, I always like to have some  sort of noise playing in the background as I create, and listening to this, I can honestly say I had it on repeat for what must have been a good few hours. It’s great music to create art to. For those of you who are not that way inclined, a basement club with a low ceiling, some decent light and a crystal clear sound system and I have no doubt, that everyone would be rocking in the Dance – When everyone in the club is connected as one unit, spiritually – I’ve been there and seen it many times as I’m sure many of you have.

We all love listening to Nature whenever I get the chance. Birdsong, Leaves rustling in the wind and the sound of Rainwater or water running down a River or Stream, have all given so many creative people, so much inspiration over the years. ‘Airglow’ seems to be trying to directly communicate with my mind. I can feel it quite a strong way, like a language without words. It’s no surprise then, that Daniel is inspired the frequencies of our Blue Planet “Sitting in the nature allows you to settle soothe your mind, and understand that kind of a beautiful, mighty power that permeates all things.”

This song is different and powerful. I like different. This song makes you think.

If you just switch off for a minute and only concentrate on this particular song, it will take you on a pleasant journey in your mind and the stress level go down instantly. If you don’t believe me then go and see for yourself 😉

Let’s hope there’s more to come!