Two tracks here from new artist NRVT. A Singer-songwriter and alumni of University of London having graduated successfully with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. As well as academic endeavours NRVT felt the pull of a career in music, having had the nerve-wracking experience of performing at Hackney Empire’s Friday Night Live.

The mission statement is to creating music about searching and embracing life, music to communicate with a globally diverse audience, NRVT is equally at home either Singing or Rapping. His genres of choice are Pop, RnB, Rap, RnB and Dance.

The first track of two, ‘Livingroom’, is a downtempo song. It’s got a laid-back feel to it. Grand piano, Trap-style beats with a vocal reminiscent of a futuristic lullaby – a very melodic one too on it. Later in the song, the dynamic builds up to 4×4 feel. Conceptually, all the parts seem to fit together with a playful, quirky Britishness throughout.

Secondly, we have ‘Midnight Riv’ – a complete change of style vocally from Living Room. NRVT definitely looking to showcase his rhyming skills and bold, not-for-the-faint-hearted, rapid-fire delivery, must’ve taken some work to pull off. It’s all about breathing and diction. A real wordsmith in the making no-doubt.

These are first releases from the Label ‘Baggy Music Entertainment’ and must say these are interesting couple of tracks to say the least. No real formulaic, copycat-styles here. NRVT has a creative vein that’s totally unique to him and he’s not afraid to broadcast it. With the Arts it’s all about hard work, self-belief, a willingness to take risks and learn as you go along and whether you get it or not, you have to give NRVT big credit for that.

Format: Online Digital Download & Streaming