Hughie Green… If ever there was a movie star name for yesteryear then this is it, only this time the artistic genre is music from behind a microphone and not the silver-screen!

Much emphasis is put on new music in the modern market but it’s often the classic songs of the crooners; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett – the list goes on. The Lady is a tramp still sell by the bucket load and conjure up fond memories of family get-togethers and memories of youth of the older members of society who have just as much right to enjoy music as everybody else. But no, it’s not just the older portion of society who like these great, great songs, the younger generation too, have re-discovered them thanks to the work of artists such as Michael Bublé and the late, great Amy Winehouse, who duetted with the master Tony Bennett, not long before her death.

The stand out qualities of this kind of music were for the sheer genius of the composers. Men and women who really knew how to craft a song. The beauty of the arrangements. String and brass sections that sound almost classical. Lyricists who could conjure up and emotion that could be felt by people the world over.

Hughie Mac is proud of this heritage and a shining example of a humble music lover who works extremely hard in the clubs of Philadelphia for a variety of audiences, with the sole purpose of spreading the beauty of entertainment through his vocal chords. Yes, he may be a little sentimental, but he’s honest about who he is and the audience he is appealing to, and I think he should be praised for that.

A great all-round selection of songs that will have many a happy family singing along to around the Christmas tree or any special occasion that may arise, or perhaps just in an intimate setting in front of an open fire. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Hughie Mac – A Crooner singing songs from a bygone era, bringing back ‘feel-good’ music for the modern audience.