There have been a million a one song about men’s appreciation of the female form – and with logical reason; We are scientifically connected to women in a way we can do nothing about. We all love beautiful women simple as that.

South London brother, Coe is a Youngblood on a mission. A mission to tell his audience about his personal appreciation, from a street level, and let me tell you he smashes it. Often, it’s so easy to be corny when touching this subject, but this dude’s got his own voice and his vocal delivery is READY. There’s a subtle seediness in the lyrics that you have to listen to fully comprehend. The message is that he likes a certain type of female and he likes a certain look in a woman he’s attracted to – aint nothing wrong my brother!

The Beat needs specific acknowledgement as the foundation of the track. It’s dark, its’ grimy, its brash, its dutty, its bass-heavy and put all that together and mix it well and you have a concoction that is scintillatingly good. The beat fits his flow perfectly. I also like the clever and very current mix and effects on the vocals which keep what is quite a short track at roughly 2 ½ minutes, moving along nicely.

A self-confessed lover of the art of song writing, Coe wields a vicious vocabulary like accomplish swordsman on a battlefield. I can hear the confidence in his delivery which is so sadly lacking in much of modern rap nowadays. If the emcee feels it, then the listener’s gonna feel it too, it’s a no-brainer for me.

As a youth he was introduced to music through his father who was a notable influence on 90s House music with involvement with the legendary Strictly rhythm label. His Dad also reached the pinnacle of success for any artist in any era, by gaining a Gold record-sales status with his work, with non-other than the Megastar Kylie Minogue, producing one of her hits ‘Where has the love gone’ back in the day.

The video is sexy and saucy and fun it needs to be said. Just young guys and some beautiful girls out there having fun enjoying themselves. Visual stunning, a word of advice to anyone starting out that it just goes to show, how much a quality video can boost the appeal of what the audience is listening to.

So, to conclude in his own words

“Creative artillery in abundance. Effortless ability to perpetuate a vast choice of flow over a range of genres”

To be fair, I couldn’t have put it better myself…

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