Nothing like an up-beat, non-nonsense summertime dancefloor banger and “All Vibes” is just that. The latest track from JC Stormz X Dyno. Grime and Garage blender Stormz,

Has ticked all retro old school UKG boxes and you can hear the influences of such luminaries as Artful Dodger in the overall feel of the song.

If you’re not familiar with UKG you must’ve been living on Mars for last few decades; that glitchy, percussive, bleeping, funky, ‘housey’ form of British dance music, made famous in the late 90’s and 00’s. The most notable thing about the scene back then,  was it’s unique sound and the way it brought people together from many different walks of life at raves up and down the country.

As many of you will know UKG is experiencing a comeback in recent years and old school revival parties are popping up everywhere you look; DJ’s playing sets featuring the classic hits from the founding era but also interspersed with modern songs of the genre with that old school flavour; and that is exactly what JC Stormz has done here.

“All Vibes” is a super-authentic UKG track in the style of the old masters. This will have you shocking out on the dancefloor in a way you haven’t done for years…

…I guarantee it!

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