Levi proved himself originally on the BBC series Dragon’s Den; where he displayed his no compromise approach to life and showcased his wicked singing style. Well brace yourself….cos’ he’s only gone and done it again! Teaming up with his old Brixtonian pal ‘Jumpin’ Jack Frost’; they have taken a step away from commercialism and gone back to their roots, producing a tune so flavoursome your gonna be begging to taste more and more. ‘Unstoppable’ is a lively blend of old skool Jungle with a hint of D’n’B and Reggae thrown in to boot. This track is full of energy and will get the stiffest of Aunt’s strutting their stuff around any dancefloor.

Levi and Jack Frost are a perfect team both having been around the LDN music scene for years. Inspired by Sound Systems and Reggae, you can only imagine how heavy this tune is. Get ready to power down the amp or risk blowing windows in your ‘hood. They have cleverly bridged the gap between the old classic sounds and the modern neo-jungle. Performing ‘Unstoppable’ for the first time at Notting Hill Carnival this year; Levi and Jack Frost found the crowd were on board from the first bar, getting down, dirty and dancing in the streets.

Levi has been involved with music since the age of 12, when he relocated to the UK from Jamaica. Either spinning discs, forming his own bands or writing and producing his own songs; he is most certainly a music man through and through. Jack Frost is no stranger either; hitting the DJ circuit in 1987 he hasn’t stopped since! Playing around with vibes from Drum and Bass to becoming one of the Jungle pioneers, he just hasn’t stopped. It was inevitable that these 2 music aficionados would get together at some stage, and look what they’ve come up with. At this rate they are gonna be ‘Unstoppable’

‘Unstoppable’ is available now to pre-order and will be out on general release from December 1st 2017 : https://leviroots.lnk.to/j2qDd

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