Young Israeli artist, “Benjamin Elias” (stylized Benjamin Elia$) is coming up next. Benjamin was born in Denver, Colorado but left the US to go to Tel Aviv, Israel at the age of 13. His debut album is due to be released on July 7th, and we’d like to inform you of its pre-release single and accompanying music video which is titled ‘The End’. ‘The End’ will be available on YouTube and all streaming platforms on June 18th.

‘The End’ is a hypnotic R&B style track which juxtaposes Benjamin’s laid-back rap delivery with Israeli singer MAYA’s grandiose Rihanna-esque vocals, creating a unique vibe that toes the line between ethereal and commercial. Lyrically, the song is about how individuals can influence the perspective of others. “The song tells the story of a relationship I was in from the imagined perspective of my ex. I’m making promises and not keeping them without ever realizing the impact that it has on her”, Benjamin said on the inspiration behind the song.

The song is complimented by a vintage style clip that was shot on 16mm film. Benjamin plays a supporting role in the video, clearing the way for an emotionally driven lead performance by Tal Levy, an acclaimed Israeli dancer. The decision to take a backseat in his own video is another example of what makes Benjamin a refreshing and creative artist. 

As you can see and hear, Benjamin Elias is a contemplative thinker and talented storyteller. He’s been writing since a young age, and his passion for sharing his experiences in a relatable way is what led him to pursue a career in music.

Benjamin sites Outkast, Mac Miller, MF Doom, Tyler the Creator, Eminem and Kanye West as his major influences. The common denominator of all those artists being that they have a huge creative impact that extends beyond music. Benjamin channels these artists to create an eclectic and accessible sound.

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