Prepare for ghoulish basslines to shudder through your soul as Wired Events’ Fearfest returns this Halloween Weekend

Given the effort that getting into a proper, genuinely scary Halloween costume demands, it is only fair that Wired Events puts on a truly immense, speaker-crushing festival of bass, to mark the event. Imagine ordering a pizza which arrived within several minutes of you deciding on your order. That is how effectively Wired is going to deliver on peoples’ expectations at this year’s Fearfest.

DJ EZ, Low Steppa, Chris Lorenzo and Kideko are among the huge acts already announced to take this electric mini-festival into another dimension of the sesh. This event is just the latest example of Wired Events transforming Yorkshire into a party paradise. Yorkshire has always been known for music, and Wired Events harness and continue this legacy across a range of events across the region. Sheffield’s Tank nightclub plays host to soul contorting basslines and out-of-this world parties on a weekly basis. The DJ decks in this monument to hedonism are frequented by legends such as DJ Q.

Wired Events ensure that all seasons are appropriately lit. As the early leaves of spring blossom, so do many hangovers in Yorkshire following Wired Events epic Springfest party, which is followed by Wired Events’ infamous Summerfest party. This year’s party was held in Barnsley. While other events companies, throw parties in London, where ‘ravers’ have to end their partying in order to hurry back for the last tube of the evening, Wired Events shows that the North of England can party harder than anybody else.

With that mission in mind, Wired Events continue to outdo themselves in accompanying historic sets with a ground-breaking choice of venues, to show Yorkshire’s nightlife at its very best.

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