Urban Dubz is a thriving record label specialising in house and garage music, which unearths bassy gems from around the world and displays them on speaker-shattering EPs and albums. Rather than focusing on KPIs, Urban Dubz’ founder, Jeremy Sylvester, spent the early part of his career producing records which have generated over four million sales to date. Now he helps other producers find their inner-bass and create unique, memorable sounds which envelop rooms and send ravers into various states of delirium. The label’s latest releases feature artists from Chelmsford to Warsaw to Kingston. We scour the global looking specifically for music exhibiting ‘dutty bass.’ ‘Dutty bass’ is the technical term for a bassline of a track which uses notes so low, that they will shake the very fibres of your being. These basslines are then mixed which melodic and harmonious notes to create a track which makes the very fibres of your being become aware of the music and then immediately exit your body, breaking out into an eccentric dance. We aim to create an enzyme dance-off, as it were.n

Jeremy Sylvester’s latest EP ‘Back to Bump,’ was celebrated by DJs around the world following the EP’s release on 14th August. 15 years ago, Sylvester made beats to a different BPM to the Garage tracks he was hearing, and pioneered the ‘bumpy’ sound. He has developed this sound even further, to bring you an EP than can be played in a club or at a summer barbecue and would turn both into a wild rave. Urban Dubz Music takes no responsibility if your barbecue food becomes overcooked, due to the flames emitted by your speakers as they play out ‘Back To Bump’s’ colossal basslines.nn‘Back To Bump’ is not the only immense EP we released on the 14th August. Sylvester’s EP was accompanied by an incredible EP from TVB, entitled ‘STAN’. Named after his son, the Polish DJ and producer’s EP takes EDM into the future by experimenting with a wide range of eclectic sounds and vocal styles to provide an imaginative, creative interpretation of the genre. We became aware of TVB after he threw a series of boat parties which left his competition at sea and we are delighted to be able to host some of Poland’s funkiest vibes on our label.

If this were not enough, we are also releasing music from Gorilla Culture, a bass-loving duo from Chelmsford. We are forecasting significant increases in raving on a national scale, following the release of Gorilla Culture’s debut single, ‘UZI’. As he heard this track in the Birmingham office, Jeremy Sylvester began preparing a remix of ‘UZI’ with Urban Dubz Executive and former DJ Tommy Trinder. We strongly advise that this remix should not be played in public before the watershed, due to the explicit content of its bassline. The original mix and remix of ‘UZI’ will be released on 21st August.nnAlso coming out on 21st August, is ‘Full Throttle’ a collaboration between SLY and LNK. This collaboration picks up where Urban Dubz other releases left off, providing a club-ready, bass-heavy, electric anthem, which will keep ravers occupied for hours.nnThis slew of new releases comes to a shattering, bass-heavy crescendo on 4th September with the release of a remix EP for an Urban Dubz classic, Juice String feat. Sicnis – A Wah Do Dem. Ollie Weeks (one half of Gorilla Culture alongside Chris Watson), SLY and Double T, and Club Asylum are just some of the acts who contribute thunderous remixes to this EP. Urban Dubz constantly seeks to exceed the label’s monumentally high levels of ‘dutty bass’ creation in order to create an evolving and truly memorable catalogue that will perpetually turn parties into raves. On this EP in particular, Weeks, Sly and Double T reminisce over epic sessions past and present, whose utterly masterful series of mixes take you to another dimension of sound, situated so far from mundane reality, that these mixes become hallucinogenic.

The main Urban Dubz office in Birmingham, not only contains a recording studio which acts as the musical equivalent of a volcano, but a brilliant PR department. Urban Dubz Music PR offers global media and radio plugging services, cutting-edge artwork design, social media management, viral video promotion, and music video production to both upcoming and established artists. Counting AlunaGeorge, Martin Garrix and Vince Staples among our previous clients, we seek to use our expert knowledge of the modern music market to allow new artists to make as much noise as possible and begin to build the kind of solid fan base which will give them the tools for a long and prosperous career in music.nnOverall, Urban Dubz places itself at the centre of the biggest, heaviest bassy music around and funnels it to your eardrums. If we don’t know about it, then it’s not worth knowing.

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