Think sexy Latin-tinged R & B… Think aunting melodic vocal… Imagine drinking a Cuba Libre in a late-night bar in Havana Cuba… Those are some of the things that spring to mind when you hear this new release called ‘Baila’ from a young very talented artist who goes by the name of Chanti, currently signed to the Maserati Empire Music record label.

‘Baila’ which is Spanish for ‘Dance’ is pure seduction. The red lighting in the video and sometimes deliberately out of focus shots give the viewer the feeling of the thoughts of someone who has shall we say, had a few drinks’ and is REALLY ready to party. The half -time piano and Afro-Cuban percussion are complimented well by the double-time hi-hats and a thumping, Trap-style drum pattern, that makes you want to start skanking in the heat of a tropical island after dark. The music truly compliments Chanti’s voice perfectly. The only way I can describe he flow is similar to that of aural velvet. The melodies she uses are really clever and just add to the sultry nature of the production and seek to smoother and caress it, weaving in and out of the beat as the mood takes it. She has a sound and feel reminiscent of Rhianna but with her own unique twist.

The 21-year-old Chanti hails from the tropical island of St Maarten although she later re-located to Holland as a child and now currently resides in London, UK). A songstress since the tender age of 8, she is an accomplished performer, having competed in and been nominated for a Caribbean music award back in 1994. The track in question was called ‘Let You Know’ by an artist called D. Kullus and received over 80.000 views on YouTube.

This is a no-nonsense song about lust about sexuality about playful flirting. About the awakening of a self-confident woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it.

‘Baila’ is the first video of a series of future releases, that tells a story which the viewer is left waiting with excitant for what happens in the next episode. If it starts off as good as this who knows where it’s going to end up!

(Chanti will be performing at the ‘New Skool Rules’ Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on May 18th & 19th)

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