With all the turmoil in the word right now, how nice it is to hear some no-nonsense, Summertime house vibes on this one from  Aruhtra with a track entitled ‘It’s Over’. Marbella based independent songwriter Aruhtra has crafted a real banger here that has Ibiza written all over it.

The vocals by singer & songwriter Joe Johnston,a University graduate, he sites his influence as Soul, modern and classic artists. His aims are to pursue a solo career by collaborating and touring with established artists. With a resume that includes working with Grime acts in recent years he’s been paying his dues and is ready to walk his own path

‘It’s Over’ is an upbeat positive feelgood track that ticks all the boxes in the current commercial house market. ‘Stabby’ piano chords give it that European flavour. Nice 4×4 pulse and great masculine vocal that really rides the groove and drives the song as a whole. Definitely makes you put it on repeat and keep listening over and over again. Very simple in composition but very effective at doing what it does. Sometimes its harder to leave things out of a mix that add too much in and over-produce the song and loose its essence. Not the case at all with this one. He’s got it spot on.

Hot of the press! This September, Aruhtra has a track due for release with Sandy Rivera (Kings of Tomorrow), so waves most definitely being made, and I get the sense that this is a guy to watch in the near future…

Release date for ‘It’s Over’ is 7th August, so make sure you check it out!!

Check out his Social Media links at https://linktr.ee/aruhtra

Will be available on all music platforms and you can pre order on @itunes @applemusic 04.08.20

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