Straight up Hip Hop for the clubs right here!

Born and raised in Mississippi, Frinly has never been off his grind. To give you a bit of background, He attended school, in hopes of being a Major League Baseball player, but quickly moved in the direction of music. He and 4 other childhood friends started out as a band called, “Cheeky Boys.” They performed with other famous gigs, throughout Mississippi and were played on local radio stations. Complications arose, but Frinly never stopped writing; he kept music held tightly to him because he knew he had everything it took to be an elite artist and a true value to the South’s Hip-Hop community.

As a solo artist, he was able to work with a close friend, Guy Williams, in order to form the “Lifeguard Network”, their independent label. In ’05 they dropped Frinly’s solo album “Mississippi’s Only Hope”. With his single “Gone Bout Cha Business.” Cd’s sold, his fan base grew, and everybody including himself knew that he had something special.

Standing out from other local talent, Frinly did shows with people like Lil’ Boosie, 8 Ball & MJG, the late Pimp C of UGK, Webbie, Gucci Mane, Jagged Edge, and Ludacris, to name a few. Featured on local mix tapes and did numerous features for local artists,

Frinly tried to escape his past life and seek out a fresh, more positive outlook on life through his music. Seeing that his talents could take him so much further than the streets alone, he moved to the West Coast and got the hustle like a soldier starting his own independent record label and clothing line ‘Hustle Until Billionaires Music Group’ & ‘Hustle Until Billionaires Clothing 9Zero’s”.

He continues to write on a daily basis, creating new music and visuals. As he states, “Making it in this game is NOT an option, it’s mandatory!”.

A big motivating factor for the accomplished rapper is doing this for the new generation, growing up in the same streets he knows so well; in the hope that they can see that “with some motivation, determination, and a whole lot of hustle, they too can have all they dreamed…”

Vocally, Frinly has a Sweet Southern Drawl to his flow. That laid back hot-and-humid sound that took the world by storm and continues to do so through the music of huge artist such as the previously mentioned Ludacris in particular. The featured track called ‘Bottles’ itself is a no-nonsense, in your face tune for the clubs, to be played (with the bass turned right up!), for the girls for the hustlers out there making money, going out and having a food time with no drama -Well, who doesn’t like doing that?

The beat is reminiscent of Luniz hit ‘I got 5 on it’ – the multi-platinum selling international smash. Got that spaced out beat pattern and a simple but effective melodic synth line that just works and gets you in the mood to party hard!

As far as this goes, for a Club Hip Hop track – it ticks all the boxes. Stay tuned and follow the Hustle Until Billionaires Music Group Founder/Artist on All Social Media Sites.

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