“Don’t be afraid to change your life for the better,” Russian musician and founder of the electronic project LastEDEN, Kirill Kotlobay tells us, and it’s words he’s lived by. Kicking off LastEDEN in 2003, Kirill has gone on to produce ten albums, numerous tracks and remixes, as well as joint releases with other musicians and vocalists.

His latest track ‘Lil_OO (original mix)’ is full, loud, layered, and listening to it I am immediately transported to a dance floor at 3am in a club on a far off sunny isle.

Music has always had the power to be influential to its listeners, and LastEDEN’s sound carries plenty of meaning as well as beats, blips and techno zips. Over the years his sound has grown from slow and lyrical ambient chillout tracks to a soundscape ranging from trip hop, R&B, dance, pop and rock.

A good artist is able to step out from their comfort zone and realise the potential their music has to make a positive influence on listeners, and LastEDEN is all about that approach. “When you leave everything at once and move to a new place, you leave the negative surrounding you, strangers and false emotions, that’s when really beautiful things, and beautiful music is born.”

Describing his sound as “powerful and heartfelt”, Kirill’s music is inspired by sounds of the 80s and 90s. “Legendary bands and artists like Prodigy, Depeche Mode, George Michael, Mylene Farmer, Eminem, Enigma, and many others have left a deep mark on my heart.” Mixing these influences along with contemporary sounds from artists like Nelly Furtado and Timbaland, Kirill began to develop his own sound, and turn that into LastEDEN.

Kirill Kotlobay as the LastEDEN project is also aired in America on FRISKY Radio on the first Sunday of every month, with an hour long music show playing chillout, future garage and ambient tunes. Tune in and zone out to be transported away, think Moby, think ‘Porcelain’, think The Beach

LastEDEN was placed third among musicians and DJs for 2017 in Russia’s online music magazine’s 7Minutes, so he’s one to watch out for in 2018 and beyond.

‘Lil_OO (original mix)’ is set for release in mid-November, so you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy it before ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ gets stuck in your head for two months.

Artist: LastEDEN
Track: Lil_OO (original mix)
Label: Winter Holidays Records