“No matter how hard life gets there’s always a way, just trust yourself…”

That’s the message preached by Hip Hop duo ‘Tii215’. No one could disagree that the need for self-belief for everyone, is essential in modern times with so much political turmoil, conflict, and just general day to day struggles that people have to go through all around the globe. These words are not new, before him have said exactly the same thing so why is this time any different? Well you only have to look at their fascinating backgrounds that set them both on a path to music they are currently on, to realise there is a certain element of personal experience that comes with those words.

Tii215 consists of two Philadelphia natives ‘Outlaw’ and ‘Blue.

Blue started out as young amateur boxer but sadly a hand injury put a stop to that.  Never one to fold under pressure, it’s during this recovery time that he picked up music, went into production, and word soon spread about the innovative sound he’d developed by himself in a relatively short space of time. It seems he had discovered a new talent.

Outlaw is the son of a North Philly hustler and a West Philly choir girl. Growing up, he sought creative expression through poetic verse. The next was performing those verses in from of his friends at school. The only natural progression then was to take leap into Freestyling and battling his peers while learning his craft. He served in the Army returning back to

Philly, connecting with Blue and before long they began collaborative quest together as partners and This Is Infinity was born.

Musically the production is on point. Definitely going for that trap style 808 beat, so popular at the moment. Their song ‘Becuz’ has an anthemic nature about it. The melody of the hook really sticks in your head and won’t let go, which is a good sign in the very competitive current market.  Great video too. Two brothers at their wits end getting nowhere in life, pushed to take that perilous route of crime to get paid to support their families and get everyone out of poverty cycle. How does it end? It doesn’t really matter because the narrative isn’t about the aftermath, the success of the deed or the failure and possible jail sentence, it’s about the circumstances that create these kinds of life-changing decisions. It’s cleverly done and does not sensationalize the inevitable violence involved the act of armed robbery, it’s about trying to do something pro-active to force a different result to the one that will manifest itself if so sit back and do nothing with your life. It’s about having the courage to face the unknown in order to know your true destiny and how happiness in life and for those you love is only achieved by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Something tells me you’re gonna be hearing about these focussed Brothers-at-Arms real soon.

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