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Radio is still the most powerful promotional tool an artist can use to get there music heard. Our global radio promotion service gets you heard where you need to be.

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Get your next Hip Hop / R&B / Urban release into the hands of the biggest Hip Hop radio stations on the planet. Service includes FM, Digital and Internet radio.

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Get Your Music seen in some of the most influential music blogs on the planet. We service nearly 6000 music blogs worldwide. We also offer a professional press release writing service.

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Got a new mixtape? Let the world know about it by letting us handle your online marketing. Get plays across radio and features on music blogs and targeted music press.

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New to Music PR? In this guide you will learn the information needed to kick start your music career online and beyond.
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A good music PR company could be invaluable to any artist, band or label, be they big or small. You can have all the talent in the world, but if nobody knows what you’re doing, it could all be for nothing. Built upon years of experience in the music industry as well as in the world of Music PR and Marketing, we have all the expertise needed to take you out of obscurity and on to the next level. We want you to succeed as badly as you do, so let us provide you with the tools to make a real career out of music.

Urban Dubz Music marketing services  the UK & European online & offline media. Our sole aim is to offer affordable music pr and create dynamic press campaigns for our clients driven by results and an enthusiastic work ethic.

We provide a range of competitive and affordable packages designed to suit your budget, so whether you are an unsigned artist or an independent record label with key artists, we strive to bring you the best results possible. We are one of the leading urban music pr companies in the UK. We adapt a ground roots strategy targeting audiences were it really counts.

We are one of the UK’s leading Specialist EDM & Urban Music PR Companies. Music styles we promote: EDM, Deep House, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime, House, Electro, Urban Pop, Uk Garage, Future Garage, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, Breaks, Drum n Bass, Old Skool Garage & more.

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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or if you’re an already established artist. We have a prepared Music PR packages to suit all your needs.

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Affordable Music PR

We pride ourselves on providing affordable music PR solutions for independent artists, musicians and record labels worldwide, specialising in EDM, House Music, Bass Music, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B and Underground music. We offer online music PR, radio plugging and social network marketing. Get your music heard in the places where it needs to be heard.

Real-Time Progress Reports

We provide transparent ‘real-time’ progress reports throughout every campaign so you can monitor every step of your music PR campaign from start to finish. Our reports are viewable via Google Excel Spreadsheets 24  hours a day, 365 days a year for complete peace of mind.

Dedicated Press Officer

Everyone of our music PR campaigns, come with an experienced dedicated press officer who handles your entire campaign. Our press officers have spent years within the music industry and have gained valuable media contacts along the way. You are in good hands with an Urban Dubz press officer.

Bespoke PR Packages

As well as our core music PR packages Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum, we provide bespoke packages tailored to any budget to maximise your ‘Return on investment’. Simply drop us an email with your budget and requirements and we will get back to you with a detailed proposal.

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We have a joint venture with Urban Dubz Music PR who take care of some of our roster of record labels and artists online marketing/promotional needs here at Symphonic Distribution (USA/ Florida). We are extremely satisfied with their professionalism and the excellent results we are getting.

Janette Berrios

Marketing Manager, Symphonic Distribution

They run a very tight ship and we are happy to be business partners with Urban Dubz who we trust with our huge customer base here at


Director, Cosmo Distribution

Your online / video campaign on REBEAT has been second to none. We will be back to hire you guys in the near future projects.


Director, Champion Records

Lucid Samples are proud to be a partner with Urban Dubz music, one of the UK’s most reliable and trustworthy music PR companies around. We trust Urban Dubz with our huge roster of artists/clients.


Lucid Samples

Sample Pack Store, Lucid Samples

A truly professional service with a fantastic team onboard. They understood the market and delivered more than what I was expecting to be honest. Thanks to you guys, my albums are selling like hot cakes on itunes and I have some great DJ bookings off the back of it 

Jeremy Sylvester

DJ / Producer, Jeremy Sylvester

Urban Dubz PR never fails to inject my inbox regularly with some of the most exciting music out there right now. Thanks a bunch guys and keep up the stellar work. 

Zane Lowe

BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1

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Radio promotion

Through our Global Radio Promotion Services, Urban Dubz promotes clients’ records by directly contacting the individuals who shape the music industry – the radio presenters, producers and programmers. Clients’ music could gain exposure through the likes of Sara Cox, Zane Lowe, Monki, Annie Nightingale, Annie Mac, B-Traits, Mista Jam & more.

Album Promotion

We have established very close relations with the music industry key taste-makers within the electronic & urban global community to bring you the best possible feedback results. Whether it be a digital, vinyl or CD release, our feedback/reports can be used by your distributors to push your music to the next stage in selling your music across the world.

Music Video Seeding

Effective Music Video Seeding service for artists, bands and labels. Get your videos placed on all the popular music websites. Video seeding is the process of placing your music video in front of your target audience. The get the maximum effect we suggest that you use our video seeding service in conjunction with our YouTube promotion.

Single Press Release

We will create a personalised press release, designed specifically for independent musicians and indie labels. They are affordably priced and will help you spread the word about your next single, tour or album. A well written press release makes the difference in getting featured in music blogs.

Single & E.P Promotion

Urban Dubz now offers Single and E.P promotion a global digital only promo service covering music single promotion across press, club (DJ), radio and online networks. We have a large team of dedicated employees with over 20 years experience in press, radio and club (DJ) promotion.

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Every month, more than 1 billion unique visitors visits YouTube.. How many of them are watching your videos? We have prepared a number of options for you to boost your YouTube presence. See all the packages and info below.

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Urban Dubz Music PR offers a unique music blog promotion service with online press release distribution service tailored to your needs. We have over 5000 electronic & urban music blogs and E-zines in the UK, USA and rest of the world.

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Sweetmates present their new EP ‘Disco Turd’

Sweetmates breathe some fresh air into the industry with their new EP ‘Disco Turd.’ When they started creating music, Dec and Sam were inspired by genres as far apart as EDM, indie and rock which they mixed with soulful pop vibes to create a truly unique sound. This sound developed into ‘Disco Turd.’ The resulting EP is original, extremely enjoyable and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.  As off-the-wall as it is catchy, this four-track EP is addictive and will become the soundtrack to your spring. Indie pop tracks such as ‘Papa Chico’s Semi Freddo’ and ‘Dream To Be Living,’ made brilliant by Sam’s distinctive, heartfelt vocals and ripping guitar hooks, are taken to another level by the pounding, euphoric  dance beats Dec has infused into the EP’s production. This collection of scintillating pop will have you dancing into summer. International media are taking notice of Sweetmates’ originality and quality, with ITV’s ‘This Morning,’ being one of many television and radio stations giving the band coverage which stretches from London to LA to Sydney.  Their hit I Don’t Dream has been played over 600,000 times on Spotify and features in the Lionsgate motion picture Nerve (2016). One reviewer wrote that Sweetmates’ music is ‘not only unique but also very, very good.”  The band is going where nobody has gone before and is taking a lot of fans with them. Download ‘Disco Turd’ from April 1st, or pre-order on iTunes now and you will receive ‘Woof’ instantly. Sweetmates are throwing a ‘Disco Turd’ launch party at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton on June 17th. You will not want to... read more

Bachot Muna jazzes up 2017 with his soulful new single ‘A Muto ‘The Woman”

On his new single ‘A Muto,’ Cameroonian Jazz impressario Bachot Muna brings soulful, sexy vibes to heat up your snow-filled February in a sumptuous mix of Afro Soul and Latin Jazz. Bachot’s music is like nothing else in the charts at the moment and acts as an irresistibly catchy soundtrack to life’s more enjoyable moments. This song does not contain the autotune and computer-engineered sounds which are so common in modern music. Bachot uses real instruments to provide his unique sound and demonstrate his immense talent. This talent has seen him work with some of the most decorated professionals in the music industry, such as 13-time Grammy Winner Mike Makowski and legendary trombonist Eduard Akulin. ‘A Muto’ is the lead track from Bachot’s latest and fifth album ‘Back To The Roots.’ The four albums which preceded ‘Back To The Roots’ saw Bachot master his craft, passing through Abidjan, Brussels and Montréal, while teaching himself to be his own sound engineer, in order to allow the world to hear his unique, vibrant sound. However, these travels have not been limited to music production. Bachot gave an acclaimed performance at the 2013 Montréal International Jazz Festival. Bachot is no stranger to critical acclaim, having won awards everywhere from Cameroon to LA over his storied career. ‘A Muto’ is available on iTunes right now https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-muto-the-woman – single/id1195813945 and can be viewed on YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=I77Jach3sg4 Bachot’s latest album ‘Back To The Roots’ can be purchased here https://bachotmuna.bandcamp.com/album/back-to-the-roots Connect With Bachot on social media Twitter – @Bachot2Bachot Instagram – @bachot_muna https://www.facebook.com/JazzDreams Or via his official site – http://www.bachotmusic.com/... read more

Jay-D presents his monumental new album ‘Before I Rise’

One of the most conscientious rappers in the UK, Jay-D breaks new ground with his latest album ‘Before I Rise.’ While many rappers use their albums to describe a lifestyle which they live in their dreams, Jay-D’s latest release discusses real issues he has faced over smooth, melodic beats which feature impressive sampling. This album is as profound as it is radio-friendly. Jay-D has spent many years honing his craft and demonstrates his immense talent on this album. Tracks such as ‘Losing My Mind’ contain profound lyrics such as ‘if my reflection is the villain, who’s the hero.’ He directly addresses difficulties with mental health, a subject which is unfortunately as overlooked as much as it is suffered in society.  Jokerr collaboration ‘Still Here’ discusses Jay-D’s struggles as he coped with relationship difficulties and bereavement at the same time, while ‘Remember Me’ discusses his rap success, created through sheer graft and determination. The astonishing and uncompromisingly honest assessment of his life which Jay-D offers on this album is relatable as it is imperfect, with high and low points, like everyday life. There is no glamourous veneer or exaggeration here. Everything is real. Jay-D covers topics that nobody else is willing to cover. Jay-D makes music because he wants to make a difference to his fans lives. Above Ave’s BB joins him for the album’s lead single ‘Pain Won’t Last,’ which acts as guide in overcoming adversity, making this clear. His music is designed to encourage others and has been well received. His break-out single ‘Monster’ was played thousands of times on Soundcloud and Lupe Fiasco collaborator Bishop G is... read more

Morsy and Never Yet Contested present their new album ”Formative Feedback”

The multi-cultural spirit which defines New York is encapsulated in this versatile project which combines hip-hop, RnB and house to create a compelling album. Never Yet Contested (N.Y.C.), one of the most lyrically versatile upcoming hip-hop artists in New York combines with veteran DJ and Producer, Morsy to create a truly unique album. Whatever your personal taste in music, you can find something to dance to on “Formative Feedback”. The project’s global appeal is assisted by its’ range of global influences, which include Brazil’s Bossa Nova style on the Raphaello Mazzei collaboration, “Nao A Solidao” , as well as the anthemic “Party in Dubai” song coming to a radio near you. Unlike any other album currently available, the tone of the album then switches to deep house with “Crystals” (featuring and co-produced by MopTop and Codes) bringing soulful vibes which demonstrates the diversity of this eclectic project. Collaborations like this have enabled Morsy the ability to work with legendary labels, such as Strictly Rhythm, Nervous Records, Jango Music and Good For You Records and performing at Coachella. Last but definitely not least, Never Yet Contested hones in on his hip-hop skill set over Morsy’s alternative club sound to combine and close the album out with their final track “Beast”. Stay tuned for the debut video release of this song coming soon. The scale of genre mixing presented on “Formative Feedback” may appear daunting to other artists, however, Morsy and Never Yet Contested pull it off spectacularly, seamlessly hopping between genres to provide a unique listening experience and craft out their own genre. Without a doubt, Morsy and Never Yet... read more

Love House Records digs through their vaults to bring you 90s Deep Cutz

Love House Records digs through their vaults to bring you the label’s sexiest Deep House anthems on 90s Deep Cutz. Tracks from Jeremy Sylvester, Alex Garcia, Sly and Le Smoove are brought together on this 30 track DJ friendly project, which acts as an anthology of 90s House, keeping the sound alive in 2017. As well as previous hits, the album contains exclusive music from Le Smoove and two never-before-heard mixes from the legend Jeremy Sylvester. Having dedicated his career to producing banging house records and spent the 90s playing a definitive role in the emergence of UK garage, it is Jeremy’s pleasure to bring you this sensational collection as the Boss of Love House Records. He has included a live DJ mix on the album as a bonus-track, to show his appreciation for fans. 90s Deep Cutz provides fans with a nostalagia and hit-laden trip down memory lane and shows exactly why the decade was so glorious for UK music. 90s Deep Cutz is coming on the 27th... read more

Jazzy gives J Hus’ ‘Friendly’ a fly remix

UK rapper Jazzy provides a female perspective to J Hus’ hit ‘Friendly’. In her remix she makes clear that guys who are broke, having no money or ambition should not even consider moving to her. Jazzy hopes that girls who are tired of broke guys trying to chat them up, will immediately relate to this remix, which maintains the original beat and will be a fixture in clubs and on radio. Jazzy also uses this remix to demonstrate her singing talents, introducing soulful melodies into her rap, to emphasise that she is a boss. Here’s a Soundcloud link to the remix Jazzy’s next show is at the Grove Bar in Manchester on 25th February. A campaigner for world peace, Jazzy will address the issue in her next single P.E.A.C.E, which will be available everywhere shortly and features David Ojo and Glenn. Find Jazzy on social media Facebook – @jazzie.ilori Twitter... read more

DJ Miss Tara presents the video for her new single ‘Invincible’

The remarkable new video for DJ Miss Tara’s latest single, ‘Invincible’ depicts a combination of acrobatics and fire dancers in the representation of a character who refuses to be defeated under any circumstances. This video complements the relentless bass of the track perfectly and again shows DJ Miss Tara’s ability and versatility. “Invincible” is the opening track of the DJ’s latest project, “Let’s Live!” and provides an electric introduction to the album. The phrase ‘we’re taking over’ features heavily in this single, which seems like a statement of intent as part of an album which presents DJ Miss Tara as a tour de force in EDM and marks the Canadian out as an artist to watch this year. The video for ‘Invincible’ lurches from the surreal to the incredible and back again. A character taking off a horror mask to cover another’s face in blood, while surrounded by fire dancers may seem out of place in another video, yet the scene is a fitting addition to DJ Miss Tara’s single. She seeks to provide viewers with a memorable, shocking experience, which entertains them in a way that conventional EDM videos simply fail to. As the main character in the video jumps in a series of ninja-style acrobatics, it becomes clear that the DJ is determined to offer not just a new perspective of the genre, but a style of EDM which complements this high energy, high intensity manoeuvres, which would be more commonly associated with an action film than a dance music video. This video, like DJ Tara’s new album, is not for the faint-hearted. The video is also... read more

Jeremy Sylvester presents 90s Garage Tools Vol 4

    Jeremy Sylvester is pleased to present 90 Garage Tools Vol 4, the latest in a sample pack series which continues to act as a benchmark for 90s Garage sound. Having worked with legendary labels such as Nice ‘N’ Ripe Records and Azuli records during his groundbreaking career, Jeremy shares his production tricks and skills in this exclusive sample pack. Set to 126bpm and containing some MIDI files, the pack includes chord riffs, drum loops, one shots, vocals, cymbals and J Sly’s kicks, hi-hats, kicks and snares, in glorious 24 bit WAV format. Whether you want to Mix ‘n’ Match or chop and change, let the pack inspire you to create your own anthems, while keeping that authentic underground sound. Jeremy has made this sound the trademark of his career. It doesn’t get any realer than this. Volume 4 is the best so far, providing potential hits for a wide range of House Genres, from deep to tech and jackin to UK Garage. This pack contains the tools. It is up to you to build the next generation of dancefloor stand-outs from them. Get it now while it’s at a LOW LOW price and don’t forget to check out Jeremy’s tutorials on YouTube via Urban Dubz Music. Contents: 103 Chord Riffs 94 Drum Loops (Created in Akai MPC Touch) 22 MIDI Riffs 36 One Shots 54 Vocals 18 Vocal Chop Hooks 372 Sly Drum Bits 290 JS-24Bit Drum Machine [JS – 24 Bit Drum Machines] 808 Drum Kit 909 Drum Kit [Sly Drum Bits] 90s Garage Claps 90s Garage Combi Drums 90s Garage Cymbals 90s Garage Drum Kicks... read more

Press release for Chonkillah ‘Get Out My Way’

Whenever you hear ‘Chonkillaaah’ at the start of a track, you know you are about to hear a smash. The London based MC returns with his latest single ‘Get Out My Way,’ which maintains the catchy, club-ready style of his previous releases. The song depicts the betrayal of a man by his ex-girlfriend and best friend, with whom she has been having an affair. Faced with a situation which could push him into depression, the man responds defiantly, telling the pair to get out of his way, determined that this incident should be no more than a temporary setback, which will have no impact on his long-term life goals. This sentiment is encapsulated in Chonkillah’s determined, defiant delivery and the overall upbeat tone of the song. People might expect such a song to be set to a ballad, not a club beat. The cover art for ‘Get Out My Way’ shows light bursting down a road, just as Chonkillah is bursting onto the scene and constantly moving forwards. Be ready to hear ‘Get Out My Way’ everywhere. Chonkillah refuses to slow down for anyone and continues to produce music which will pack dance floors, while carrying a serious... read more

Saccao releases pulsating new single ‘Deep Deep Lovin’

Saccao returns with a gift for your eardrums, in the form of his latest monster single Deep Deep Lovin’.The song clearly shows why Saccao is lighting up clubs across Eastern Europe with irresistable grooves which reach beyond the continent’s borders, being felt as far away as Cairo. Hugely respected in the industry, Saccao has released hits on some of the biggest Nu Disco and Indie dance labels around the world including Armada Music, Cr2 Records and Toolroom Records. He has also worked with many leading producers, too many to list in this press release, however big names include Fabo, Florian Kruse and Phonique. ‘Deep Deep Lovin’ is an addictive, energetic anthem that will have any club, anywhere dancing within seconds. The track boasts many drops, vibrant pulses and catchy vocals. Deep Deep Lovin’ is sure to become a staple of DJ sets worldwide and demonstrates exactly why Saccao has been a force in House music for several years now, having been placed #16 in BP Top Tracker’s Top 100 Best of Dance/Nu Disco in 2015.   The Greek DJ is inspired by House royalty such as Carl Cox and shows that Greece is not only still a centre for global cultural excellence, but that the country’s thrilling house scene is taking the genre to new levels. Saccao often supports other leading Greek house DJs and producers, such as Tosel & Hale and is taking the unique sound of Greek House with him around the world. In spite of his being inspired by and connected to the cream of House talent, Saccao is not a DJ who only plays tracks by... read more

Dominique De Beau presents her new track ‘All I Want’

Urban Dubz Music PR hopes that the pop charts are ready for the anthem which Dominique De Beau is about to unleash. Having spent years honing her craft, the Liverpool-based singer continues her successful solo career with this latest release, ‘All I Want.’ Several tracks from Dominique’s debut EP,’Unforgettable’ have been placed on mixtapes alongside Jason Derulo, DJ Khaled and Kid Ink tracks and on a mixtape hosted by Iggy Azalea. The track ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’  recently won an Akademia award for best single. Dominique’s latest single ‘All I Want’, the lead track from her upcoming, second EP, places love as the sole thing missing from a seemingly paradisiacal existence, a sentiment emphasised by the beat’s deep undertones and soulful melodies. The video shows Dominique in a luxurious environment, surrounded by many top of the range cars, yet lacking the individual who would complete this utopia. The song is a surefire smash hit and will become a radio fixture. The international setting of the video, on glorious beaches shows Dominique’s intent. The single will be a global hit. Urban Dubz would like to put the pop industry on notice.  Wherever you are, whatever timezone you live in this song is coming to your speakers. ‘All I Want’ is a preview of a hit-filled EP which is available for download right now. Dominique’s social media links are Twitter – @dominiquedebeau Facebook – @dominiquedebeau Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/hustleandgrindent/dominiquedebeaualliwant... read more

Dex Man Ft Tom Riddlez – Never See Us Gunnin

 RAP Duo, but also individual artists, deliver in epic style their much awaited hip hop Banger ‘NEVER SEE US GUNNIN’ release date 15/03/2017, a collaboration by DEXMAN 26, (AKA Dexter Sampson) and YOUNG TK 26, formerly known as TOM RIDLEZ (AKA Thomas Sampson) part of the Left wing Movement, a Democratic Music group with motivational lyrics. The pair both brothers, hailing from south London, both showcase versatile hip hop styles with influences drawn from Rap Legends such as: Tupac, Meek mill, Drake, French Montana and UK influences such as Nines, Skepta to mention a few! Previous releases by the Rap sensation include “late nights, Devil Ina Blue Dress both by DEXMAN and forthcoming releases include an EP by DEXMAN (8 TRACKS) T.B.A PRE Summer 2017 and a single by YOUNG TK “AFRICAN HUSTLER” A Jazzy RnB number with an Afro trap feel! Release date 30/04/2017***           Past shows/PAs include a night hosted by A-Dot comedian, a rappers showcase at the water Margin o2 and also at the comedy bar Shoreditch. With over 9k views via linkuptv on youtube in barely two weeks, this track is reminiscent of a Dre Masterpiece! A mixtape on Datpiff.com entitled “part of the plan” reveal some of YOUNG TK’s past works.   Twitter @DEXMANUK                                     Instagram Dexmanuk          @YOUNGTKOFFICIAL                                       Youngtkofficial         @LEFTWINGRECORDS                                 Leftwing_movement                                FACEBOOK:     DEXMANLEFTWING                    ... read more

Maria Willis storms onto the EDM scene with debut EP ‘Aura’

    Born in Britain, raised in Sweden, Maria Willis is a singer songwriter who uses her sensitive vocals to navigate dark electronic soundscapes. She initially worked in collaboration with producer Rawel, inspired by the UK electronic scene of the last decade and bands such as The xx and Daughter. After moving to London at the age of in 19 (2015) the singer-songwriter quickly picked up a spot on the indie label Bambu Records with her debut single ‘Body’. After the label split in 2016 she decided to go on a separate path to her producer Rawel in order to continue to write and perform her sentiment filled narratives. Her debut EP titled ‘Aura’ is a cathartic expression of relations and stories, calling on synth pads and emotive melodies to carry the singer’s husky vocals.  ... read more

DJ Miss Tara releases fantastic new album ‘Let’s Live!’

The rise and rise of Canadian DJ Miss Tara continues with her remarkable new album ‘Let’s Live!’  Bass pounds relentlessly over this immense 34-track project. DJ Miss Tara presents listeners with a three hour party, filled with hit after hit after hit. Singles such as ‘Invincible,’ are accompanied by surreal videos, offering listeners a unique, fascinating experience. Beats using a variety of different styles of percussion are mixed with impressive vocals, provided by a number of talented artists who feature on the project, Including Melky, sister of Wyclef Jean. Having shared stages with great DJs such as David Guetta, Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix, Miss Tara brings huge experience to this album which is immediately obvious in the ferocious intensity which is present in all tracks on the album and ultimately defines the project. In releasing her first full album, DJ Miss Tara starts as she means to go on, by providing an anthemic timeless collection of music, which can light up any dancefloor, in any city, at any time. The truly global appeal of ‘Let’s Live!’ is made clear by references to party paradises such as Miami and Goa in the titles of tracks on the album and the use of Portuguese and Spanish in song titles on the project. Through ‘Let’s Live!’ the Toronto-based DJ hosts an international party and everyone’s invited. This range of global inspirations for the album is inevitable, given DJ Miss Tara’s long history of performing overseas, entertaining her fans regardless of where they live. DJ Miss Tara’s new album ‘Let’s Live!’ and the official video for ‘Invincible’ will be... read more

Legendary producer Tha 4orce and Confucius MC present their new single ‘More To It’

The beginning of ‘More To It’ sounds like a wild 80s rave. That was exactly the intention of Tha 4orce and Confucius MC as they take hip-hop back to the Golden Era, with the lead single from Tha 4orce’s new album “Setting Standards.” Be assured that this single sets the standard very, very high. It is as if the duo is challenging other rappers to a lyrical equivalent of the final round of the Olympic pole vault. Tha 4orce has been making quality hip-hop for decades, with remix and production credits including LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes. Confucius MC has shared the stage with Public Enemy. The two met 10 years ago and this single is the latest creative production from that long friendship. The song’s official video is straight to the point and therefore a perfect accompaniment to this release, with the camera focusing throughout on either Confucius MC, Tha 4orce, or the decks on which he plays, interspersed with shots of their hometown London, a significant source of inspiration for the duo. The nonsensical singing currently present in much of mainstream hip-hop is totally absent from this single, as Confucius MC raps throughout, dropping profound lyrics such as ‘from pole to pole/sea to shining sea/ rappers lying to themselves on hide-and-seek’ to make clear that Confucius MC is probably one of the most underrated MCs in the game right now and shows that, as far as the art of rap goes, there really is more to it, than the radio would have you believe. “More To It” will be available on all digital platforms, including Bandcamp... read more