Marketing Your Music on a Tight Budget


Article written by Kat Morgan of Zing Instruments

Anyone not living under a rock will have come across some form of marketing in their life. Billboards, bus ads, TV commercials; those annoying pop ups on every single website. Marketing is everywhere.

As a struggling musician, the thought of marketing might seem a foreign concept. You need a boatload of cash to market your music, right? WRONG. Having a tight budget won’t give you a TV advert, but marketing can be achieved!


Knowledge is Power

Understanding how marketing works is essential for learning how to use it. Having a few basic principles on business and advertising will help in the long term. Buying a book for a small sum will give you insights on how to market your music without spending $$$.

Many artists believe marketing undermines the artistic integrity of music. No matter what your beliefs are, marketing is here. Knowing is one thing; understanding will only benefit your future.


Let’s Get Socialising

With nearly 2.5 billion social media accounts, you will be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Social media is a huge resource that a musician can utilise for very low costs. It takes patience, determination and a lot of posting to get followers and retweets.

You need to be updating at least a few times a day on all platforms. You should be funny, conversational and more importantly; relevant to your fans. There is little point commenting on politics all the time if your fan-base is under 10s.



Social media accounts are good, but you really need to have your own website in order to create a real presence. Reach out to other bloggers for a heads up in their posts. Put funny, personal details in posts so you can connect to fans on a deeper level. You need a relationship in order for fans to feel like they want your music.


You can easily market your music from selling merchandise. Once you have an established fanbase, selling items such as pencils, shirts, phone cases will lead to greater awareness. Release songs and future samples on your social media platforms; then sell CDs.


Know any other musicians or friends who would help out a pal? Being the warm up for another band is a great way of marketing your music to a brand new fanbase. Talk about bands on your website, link their music. They will likely do the same for you. It’s all about connections in marketing and raising awareness. Collaborate for free to start out; eventually your name will become more well known.


This social media tool is a big one. Share your songs. For a small sum, you can make your own music video. Link the videos on your social media platforms. Youtube has nearly 1 billion of unique visits each month. 1 billion. If you can get your head around that, you will understand just how youtube can help.

Easy Right?

There you have it, a few ideas on how to market your music on a tight budget. The most important factor with marketing is time. Dedicate time each day keeping up to date with marketing. Any fans who see a blog not updated for weeks will become bored and not bother. A tight budget means a tight schedule, keep up to date!

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