A “Triple Threat” is a term taken from the sport of Basketball, which describes a standing position where a player can attack from an offensive position, whilst in possession of the ball, in any one of three ways – by passing, shooting or dribbling. Junie, an artist on the featured track called “Hook You Up” is a triple threat in a different way – namely singer-songwriter, actress and entrepreneur.

Junie’s early experiences in the business have included, signing a management deal, (after a successful audition) with UK unsigned and then having the opportunity to tour and perform at some of the UK’s most prestige venues. She’s also had the opportunity of performing at the O2 indigo too very recently. As a young girl, Junie would sing at school in her local church choir, Junie’s music is very much a flavour of RnB and Pop. An accomplished actor, she has recently completed a film out for general release in UK cinemas call ‘Unpredictable’, so it’s fair to say she is a multi-faceted creative who is not afraid spreading her wings and expressing herself.

The track in question is a club R&B riddim with an 808 Trap feel to it. Very digital, got a nice swing/groove to it. Lyrically, it unashamedly keeps it simple and doesn’t try to be something that it’s not. “The message being told in this song is about a relationship which has broken down. Me being the female I’m trying to introduce all types of sexual suggestions”.

If I’m to make comparisons to Junie’s vocal style, it reminds me of the voices of female R&B duo called Changing Faces who had a bid hit with a track called “Stroke You Up” from back in the early/mid 90s. The overall feel is a retro vocal with a modern beat that doesn’t offend your eardrums and I’m sure there are a few bods out there that would feel this to the max. As a wordsmith the term I’d probably use to describe in a nutshell would be “Hip Swinging Soul” lol. Not a song for crazy dance moves but just easy grooving, low-riding and head nodding. Check it out.

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