Multi-dimensional singer/songwriter Letitia Antoinette AKA Madame Kapuscinska, is an artist whose style is hard to describe in one sentence. Hearing her music for the first time, There are so many different facets and idiosyncrasies with it that seem to connect like a breath of fresh air, in a market which in modern times, is saturated by (some would say) a multitude of artistic clones pushing out music which seems afraid to emanate the true vulnerability of individual expression – the music you create should always sound like ‘you’ to be called Art. Refreshingly Mme Kapuscinka is definitely not one of those people; to put it lightly, to call her unique is to make a gross understatement.

Her latest release is a 4 track EP called Eternal. It’s a collaboration with record producer/husband Daniel Damien who is currently hot in the Film Score scene.

The track listing includes: What I meant To Do; Bad Day; Love Letter and Online Romance.

Production wise, she has created a balanced combination of beat-heavy street songs and ambient ballads with gentle melancholy piano lines. Vocally, Mme Kapuscinska sings and also raps at will depending on what direction her creative inspiration takes her. She is the impressive author of going on for, two hundred songs, at last count.

This North London residing Luton born daughter of St Lucian & Guyanese parents loves nothing more than to take her audience a real emotional journey – a retrospective, introspective and optimistic representation of her life; a life that’s had many ups and downs involving abuse, trauma and mental health issues but also high achievement in the form of award-winning performances, a loving mother and a wife and also currently undertaking her 5th!! Degree?! In occupational health. Her life story is one of human perseverance and defiance against all the odds.

Madame Kapuscinka’s ‘Eternal’ EP is out now.

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