‘AiRis is a go-getter. Since she developed a passion for creative arts at the age of 5, she has never stopped dreaming and working towards getting her artistic perspective across to the masses. Her life-long influences range from Sade to Seal to Fela Kuti and from the nu-school she digs Rihanna, Jessie Ware and Wizkid. No stranger to academia, after completing High School in Nigeria, AiRis flew the nest to attend college in the US, gaining a BSc degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Jeje’ is a melancholy ballad about the need for acceptance in a relationship. It’s about the psychological effects of someone not feeling adequate. It’s about the pain one may feel in a relationship and how desperation can drive them to even change who they are to make it work.

The song was produced by Mr Chidoo. Aurally, it has all the characteristics of a classic Afrobeat ballad, but he’s cleverly added Latin/Afro Cuban influenced harmonic and melodic elements through the piano and horn arrangements. Visually, this song is accompanied by a great big-budget video and related storyline. It’s set around an impressive shimmering, American Diner/Trailer, and was filmed in East London.

Watch out for remixes of this track, coming soon from Legendary Afro-House/UKG producer ‘Socafrica’ AKA Jeremy Sylvester and also renowned, UK based DJ/Producer ‘Lord Byron’ – currently making a big noise in the Underground scene.

Airis currently resides in the US with her family, where she is working on her next release and media platform ‘Motherland’. To learn more about Airis and engage with her, visit her website www.airismusic.com or reach out on Youtube 

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