It isn’t very often, we here at Urban Dubz get the chance to present a new genre of music but here it is… It’s called ‘Ayimove’ – a combination of Kompa, Reggaeton, Soca, and Pop, and it’s been created by an artist of Haitian decent by the name of ‘KatchUp’ , to get us dancing and bring some happiness into our lives.

An Engineering graduate, KatchUp has a long pedigree in music, spawned in part by accompanying his DJ father to gigs around his hometown. After many years experiencing first-hand the excitement of the performance & entertainment business, he decided to venture down a path of Music Production.  Heavily inspired by the international recognition gained by AfroBeat in particular, KatchUp had goals and aspirations by combining the music of his African Brothers and sisters with that of his own Haitian heritage, and this is the result.

It’s like a mix of West Africa and the Caribbean all stirred into a delicious tropical musical broth, that’s the only way I can describe it. The Soca and Reggaeton elements are clearly audible but having visited both of these regions in my time, I can validate that these are the flavours you get in abundance. Combination of good vibes, good food, drink and of course lots of dancing.

The song up for release is called ‘Vini’ on KatchUp’s label ‘TuGetta’ (Together) is about “seeing a girl in a club/party and she’s looking at me and I’m telling her instead of just looking, to come over to me so we can enjoy the rest of the night before it ends.” – It’s just a feel good boy-meets-girl song, which strangely is quite refreshing, given the type of year we’ve had on this planet. I think you’ll agree, sometimes we all need to go back-to-basics and create the world we want to live in in our own heads when everything around us seems like it’s in turmoil and music like this never fails to do that…