You may have heard of the name IceBurga from the Hip Hop grime scene. Hailing from Manchester, this up-coming emcee is direct, straight to the point and not afraid to talk the truth about his surroundings and the gritty side of life. To date he’s dropped a few videos out that you can peep on YouTube which are definitely worth checking out.

‘All is fair’ is a song about staying true to oneself at all times. It’s a song about those who are not afraid the go against the status quo and walk that powerful, but lonely path of a maverick, is making the right decisions about where he is, and what goals he wants to achieve in the future.

Talks of the essential need to get paid and look after his family as a number one focus – something many of us can relate to but only few actually have the ability to follow through because they are perhaps afraid of not being popular, not being liked by everyone. Ice talks about the strength and the discipline inside someone who is able to sit back in silence and observe things going on around them, how those people are often accused of being shy or anti-social. In reality, someone not needing being the centre of attention all the time is quite an admirable trait to have and means you can see people around you for what they truly are and make choices about whether they are the type of people you want to associate with or not.

The song is based around a sample loop with a laid-back swagger. My crate-digging brain recognised it was George Benson’s classic mellow 1980’s smash “Lady love me (one more time)” – the perfect groove for such a passionate track.

In his own words, IceBurga describes the inspiration behind the track as “…a human discovering his purpose in life.”

Defiantly an Independent artist, Ice is adamant that he doesn’t want to go the route of the major labels with his own music but would rather control his own artistic direction by himself for himself like so many successful artists are doing nowadays around the world, especially in the U.S. His label is called ‘Burganoise’.

This is a song about hope optimism, determination, discipline and a belief in oneself and I think you’ll agree that this is a message we all need to hear as loud as possible because it’s the only key that unlocks the door to happiness in life…

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