Fresh from the place they call the “City of Oaks” (Raleigh, North Carolina we have a young rapper by the name of Justin Nealy dropping his new single “Beatboxing” which is available on iTunes.

Justin is predominantly a lover of many different types of music. Growing up, he drew influence from this to pursue a career as an artist with the Rap genre. He’s spent years working his craft and trying to develop a unique sound and an image that’s all his own and I must say, I think he’s well on the way there. Not you typical looking rapper in a traditional sense, but then, I think that’s the whole point. The Hip Hop genre has scaled many peaks over the 40 years or so since it’s invention in the block parties of the Boogie Down Bronx courtesy of DJ Kool Herc and so many others who gave us this great music. Nowadays it is too diverse a genre to pigeonhole into one specific category. It’s evolved into so much more, driving by the spirit and the energy of youth as it was back in the day. Justin Nealy is a maverick, he likes to walk his own path and oozes confidence, both in himself and his ability. You only have to watch one of his amped live shows to see the passion he what in what he does – I don’t know where he gets all that energy from, but let me tell you, you should definitely check it out – it’s infectious!

The beat is different. Got a trap feel to it with a sampled guitar melody over the top kinda moody dissonant works well over the beat. Notable point I’ve found with trap style beats is that they can be spat over half time or double time. The hi Hats emphasize the flow can go fast which Justin Nealy chooses – I personally prefer this kind of quick-fire delivery over this kind of beat. It’s got more energy, pushes a little bit more, grabs your attention a little bit more. This type of beat gives you freedom to swing vocally, to push in front of the beat or pull back behind the beat too, as you see fit. Also takes much practice when rapping at pace with a frantic dynamic at high volume while still demonstrating good ‘diction’ so people can hear what you’re saying at all times.  The word play is clever too – I also like the melody in his voice. The important thing to remember with any kind of music is that there are no real set rules and I think that Justin’s style fits who he is perfectly, and I totally get it.

Look out for this cat on your TV screens and on your radio, I have a feeling if he makes the right moves and continues to put in the work, he might just be the breath of fresh air the industry needs to balance out all the aggressive stuff just a little. Fingers crossed eh?



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