DJ Miss Tara comes from Canada to blow your mind with the video for her new single ‘Save Your Life’. The video, which depicts an energetic clown running from captivity, is a unique and intriguing visual accompaniment to the vibrant single. The relentless, pounding bass which underpins ‘Save Your Life’ is just as searing as the image of the mutilated clown which opens the video. Already a hugely respected underground DJ, having performed with world renowned DJs such as David Guetta, DJ Miss Tara powers into the mainstream with this single and the veritable club-smash of an album from which it is taken, ‘Let’s Live!’

As bizarre as the ‘Save Your Life’ video may appear, you will soon find yourself dancing along with the clown and anyone within sight of the screen, thanks in part to the single’s irresistibly catchy hook, provided by the hugely talented Eric Carter. DJ Miss Tara’s latest off-the-wall video has the ability to light up both dancefloors and televisions at the same time.

While other EDM artists are shooting videos on beaches with Seagulls, DJ Miss Tara offers a completely new perspective on what makes a good video, rather than just promoting beach partying, the ‘Save Your Life’ video, offers viewers a memorable experience, as the clown who is subject of the video, seeks happiness in an urban experience, taking pleasure in everyday life, rather than seeking happiness in an ideal proposed by someone else.

The official video for “Save Your Life” will be released on 13th February. The album ‘Let’s Live’ will be released on 16th January. 2017 is set to be a memorable year for Canadian prodigy, DJ Miss Tara.

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