Bradford Rae’s debut single “Your Water” produced by XVR BLCK is a taut and tender exploration of the depths of love to be found within a relationship. In this way, it creates an enduring symbol and point of reference meant to remind us all about how special our lives are meant to be. Uplifting, inspirational and smooth, this is contemporary urban music dripping with passion and delivered with purpose.

Songwriter Bradford Rae’s sound is influenced by RnB, Jazz and Pop, as a result it embodies the fun, sensual and often intricate nature of these genres. “Your Water” is the perfect entry point to this artist’s mind expanding take on soulful R&B. In the hands of Bradford Rae, well worn themes of romance take on a whole new meaning thanks to soaring vocal prowess and rich lyrical content.

The production is the perfect accompaniment to Rae’s vocal performance. “Your Water” features a unique, layered vocal arrangement which truly allows Bradford Rae’s voice to take center stage.

Bradford Rae is an unsigned R&B singer and songwriter hailing from South London in the United Kingdom. As a youngster, he grew up listening to pop-oriented contemporary R&B artists like Usher and Destiny’s Child. As he came of age, iconic albums such as “The Miseducation of…” – Lauryn Hill; “Voodoo” – D’Angelo and “Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2” – Jill Scott would help to solidify his passion for deep and provocative urban music.

Bradford Rae grew up with a flair for songwriting, a true passion guided his ascent to contemporary recording artist. “Your Water” has a widescreen, cinematic feel which is challenging for even the most seasoned artists to capture. This is important urban music from a new artist who is a breath of fresh air and welcome addition to the global landscape of black music.

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