As March comes to an end, Bougenvilla are already planning to shut down summer with their new anthem ‘No  Sleep’. The Dutch duo’s creative process is not limited by dance music conventions or traditional perceptions of the genre. Bougenvilla only makes music for one reason; to bring a festival to your eardrums. Genres are crossed, musical barriers are broken down, and a summer anthem is created. Everyone at Urban Dubz sincerely hopes your speakers have sufficiently powerful sub-woofers to cope with No Sleep’s bassline.  LZRZ assists as vocals collide with bass and synths to provide an eruption of sound which will have you planning to spend your entire summer at a festival somewhere warm, so that you can hear this song on repeat.

Bougenvilla’s upcoming shows covering South Africa, India, Finland and the UK, show that their tunes are quickly becoming global phenomena. Bougenvilla is throwing a global party and everyone is invited. Nevertheless they remain immensely popular in the Netherlands, having just delivered a historic show at the legendary Heineken Music Hall. Away from the turntables, Bougenvilla and LZRZ, wanted to deliver a track which would dominate the airwaves. As usual they have succeeded with ease.

The versatility of ‘No Sleep,’ since it is a Future House track which can be played on pop radio and is, frankly, far better than most pop tracks, enables Bougenvilla to provide you with a 24 hour summer party. Whether you’re listening online, on radio or in a party this track will become inescapable over the coming months.

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