MorDan Words new EP “Librascale 2: Words 2da Wise” is a blend of Grime, Rap, Melodic, Soul, Lo-Fi and Chilled vibes. Tackling various issues this MC is not one to sleep on, as he consistently displays elite lyricism over diverse subject matters producing melodic mood music.

MorDan Words’ music is poetic and thoughtful. Adding personality to each of his songs and incorporating a message behind the melody, MorDan uses words that expand the listener’s diction wherever possible. The unsigned artist is often getting told about his conscious bravado because he covers vast subject matters mostly showing he is socially aware of external ongoings or hitting hard close to home with his personal dilemmas. In his own words (pun intended) he displays “a varied level of skill and potency often gonna amiss in today’s climate of music or whatever genre of rap fans are used to” – MorDan Words. He picks up where his debut Librascale EP left off showing growth and maturity in all ways possible.

Influenced by his uncle’s collection of Wu Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G records and Golden Era Hip-Hop. He never understood and appreciated Kool G Rap, Nas & Rakim until he started reading and grasped a certain level of self-awareness for words, flows and their marriage with beats add that to the affect music has to stimulate conversations and heated debates. ‘I love being challenged by an MC to look up a word, rewind and breakdown a rhyme scheme or just appreciate an articulate flow and structure’.

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