Asian influenced sounds coming up right here with an artist going by the name of ‘Hassa’ with a new joint called ‘AAJAH’.

A mix of Punjabi music combining with Rap, Hip Hop and R&B. This type of ‘fusion’ is quite a popular mix of styles going by the current market. It’s got a mellow, calming feel to it, which kinda makes a refreshing change to all the loud, all-action music that’s around now.

The track is pleasant to the ear with a little bit of auto-tune on the vocals here and there for good measure. The beat’s got a hint of Reggaeton about it, slightly Latin in nature. The hook/chorus is sung in Punjabi and the verses are rapped in English.

Lyrically the song is about positivity – to never give up on your dreams or stop looking, never stop searching for what you want. Trust in yourself, believe in yourself.

Hassa has had some experience of musical performance going back to his childhood, having been a member of a High School chorus.

Hassa is currently unsigned, but actively seeking a record deal that can raise his music to a higher platform and reach a larger audience.

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