Alex Visconti has been in and around the music business for what seems 
like forever! From fronting post-punk shoegazers The Scream in the early 
Eighties, to taking a back seat in the producer’s chair, allowing fresh, 
young talent, such as rapper extraordinaire Hustie to flourish, AV has 
always endeavoured to provide danceable, pop music with socially-aware 

Visconti’s career has seen him embrace the technology explosion in dance 
and EDM in the early Nineties, releasing sample-overload tracks under 
the name Jam Pact (and the Dancefloor Posse!), before embarking on a 
career as web designer and computer programmer. AV took up the reins as 
a tour manager and gig promoter at the turn of the millennium, while the 
last decade has seen him getting back to his roots as a musician, albeit 
becoming more involved in writing and production than performance. All 
the while Visconti continues to juggle the responsibilities of running 
his own Mail Order CD store!

‘Better Than That’ is the latest successful collaboration between 
Visconti, and rapper Hustie, following the release of ‘Real Life’, which 
proved to be a hit with the Soundcloud community, and continues to be a 
YouTube favourite. With it’s hard-hitting lyrics portraying the 
realities of life for young adults in today’s Britain, the song has 
struck a chord with many people across the world.

‘Better Than That’ is an altogether more uptempo,radio-friendly song, 
but still contains a serious message. The pressures on people of all 
ages to conform to the standards arbitrarily set by society continues to 
cause anxiety and stress for many, with body image and other issues 
exacerbated by the demands of Social Media.

As the lyrics say; “Give Yourself Some Love And Be Good To Yourself / 
‘Cause You Deserve Better Than That”. The singalong chorus, combined 
with its neo-gospel backing provides an uplifting soundtrack to what is 
set to become a Summer anthem, while the accompanying video provides 
some contemplative and moving images highlighting the angst that many 
feel behind the Instagram smiles.

Artwork and Mp3 attached

Release date: 10th July

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