Avant-garde electronic rock n roll. That’s the first think that springs to mind when you hear Sounds from the Soda Bottle by Mexican-born, US raised artist Monica Hotts. There is nothing cliched about her music. Nothing contrived. Nothing saccharin. Listening to her music is like looking at a piece of abstract art. A form that has been stripped to its bare essence and screams emotion at you.

I think of Lou Reed and Nico from Andy Warhol’s iconic band The Velvet Underground. Iggy Pop, MC5, Joy division. All these bands have a huge influence on popular culture as we know it and Monica Hotts is no exception. The rapid pulse of distorted guitars slaps you round the face and demands attention. If ever you were to imagine making a cup of cocoa and putting your feet up while listening to this number, then think again. Its’ one of those tracks that deliberately makes you feel slightly on edge which isn’t a bad thing, it’s a work that is comfortable in the psyche of chaos. Life is not made up of pretty things there is also beauty in the things that are loud, brash, unashamedly powerful and have no issue in you knowing that.

An accomplished guitarist from a very young age, Monica began composing electronica in her early twenties. Various gigs and performances followed, and the songs started piling up. Her repertoire is impressive. She has literally dozens of unreleased tracks waiting for release – a feat she plans to achieve over the next couple of years.

In her own words…I

” I consider my compositions to be a work of art in an audible form. Hence, I give my songs titles as if they were movies or paintings, stories… Electronic Instrumental Communication to soothe your ears and vibes to nod your head to…”

I’d say that just about sums it up!

Monica Hotts…

Music to make you think.

Sounds From The Soda Bottle